About product guarantee

After purchasing a customer in Japan, it will be repaired and adjusted for free if it breaks down in the normal use state within the warranty period.

* Customers outside Japan and some non -warranty products are not available.

Please note that even within the warranty period, the following cases will not be covered by the warranty.

  1. Incorrect use, inadvertent failure and damage, failure due to inappropriate repair and remodeling
  2. Failure caused by use or watering exceeding waterproof performance
  3. Fire / flood or failure due to natural disasters
  4. Changes in the appearance that occur during use (damage of case, glass, band, buckle, etc.)
  5. Lost watches and theft
  6. In case of failure or damage due to repaired or modified by us
  7. In the case of the day difference caused by the degree of depletion, battery out of battery, or magnetic.
  8. Adjustment of new finishing, battery replacement, overhaul, operation work

* Please note that it may take some time for repair and adjustment.

Even after the warranty period, you can use various maintenance at the partner studio, so please use it.